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Double Position Sensor

Double Position Sensor for Aseptic Valves

Today’s biopharmaceutical processes are highly automated in order to maintain strict control over each process step and operation.  Many of the sensor packages available today are very large, heavy and require technicians to open each device in order to wire and calibrate it for the valve.  There is a better and faster way.

SEND – The Double Position Sensor from Rattiinox provides an indication on the state of the pneumatic valve and on the extended 90° manual actuator, giving the possibility to record the opening and closing position of the valve.  The sensor is easy to program using the CAD Hand Held Programmer (YACT-SENP-0XC0-X0000) or automatically via PLC.  The same sensor is used for all sizes of CAD valves from 1/2″ to 4″ thanks to the already included adapters.  There are no calibration adjustments to be made inside the sensor making set-up and calibration of one or 1000 valves very fast.

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Like all of the normally open or normally closed pneumatic actuators for the CAD valve, the double position sensor is manufactured from stainless steel.  The smooth finish makes it easy to wipe down if necessary.  The three color LED indicating light allows for 360° viewing and has an IP67 rating.  Via a set screw, the sensor housing can be rotated 360° so that the communications cable is located in the optimal stress free position.  The sensor module mounts to the top of the actuator with a simple threaded connection.

Double Position Sensor
CAD Double Position Sensor

Clean and Aseptic Valves of CAD Product Line have simple and safe design, with their full drainability, without asymptotic seal and dead leg, are offering fast cleanability and sterilization practices. They are designed to fulfill the stringent demands of CIP-SIP and Production Cycles on Aseptic Processing.

Double Position Sensors
Double Position Sensors on automated CAD aseptic valves
February 12, 2016