Process Design

Our focus is on advancing a philosophy of easy to clean, zero-dead leg, hygienic process systems. By utilizing proven true aseptic valve technology, we provide superior value and operability to our clients. Importantly the valves are adapted to the system requirements instead of the system adapting to the limitations of the valves. At times a subtle different but one that pays huge dividends. By utilizing this advanced design philosophy, we deliver reliable systems that are easier and more reliable to clean. Because the valves used are not limited by temperature or vacuum resistance, these systems can also be sterilized at higher temperatures in order to combat temperature resistant bacteria. This is critical whether the process is for biotech drugs or cultured foods. We believe the goal of hygienic systems being designed today should be an improvement on what was delivered previously. Tomorrow’s time, budget and environmental constraints will only get tighter and “tried and true” is no longer an acceptable process design strategy.
Industry history suggests that valve maintenance consume fully half of the maintenance budgets. This is a known feature of systems designed around weir valves. The valve technology we employ has a proven record of reducing maintenance and diaphragm replacements -saving system down time and decreasing maintenance costs. We are not an engineering company. However, we welcome collaborating with our clients and third part engineering companies open to investigating and employing these alternative strategies. The payoff is in a much faster return on investment, less maintenance, lower carbon footprint and increased productivity. Please give us a call to learn more!