Sanitary Flexible Connectors

Pharmaloader® Flexible Connections

  • The first food and pharmaceutical quality sanitary flexible connectors and  compensators that are completely smooth


The Pharmaloader® Sanitary Flexible Connectors are flexible and elastic process piping compensators designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and food industries.  Made from platinum catalysed silicone, it complies with the requirements of the FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and BfR part XV and USP class VI standards.  It is made with pressure resistant polyester reinforcements between the silicone layers. To obtain the correct elastic compensation, it is fitted with 3 stainless steel rings , which also prevent volumetric expansion.  This product is a standard element fitted with molded Tri-Clamp seals on the ends of the compensator.  The counter-flange elements are made from INOX 304L steel.

The Pharmaloader® Sanitary Flexible Connectors are the ideal solution for all tank, hopper, pump and weighing tank outlets to compensate vibrations and level differences.  Autoclavable and sterilizable, the Pharmaloader® can work at a temperature range of between -50ºC and 180ºC (-76ºF / 356ºF).
*This product is also available with an inner layer of FKM.

The Pharmaloader® is preferred for applications where vibration dampening is required, for example on process vessels on load cells, where transmitted vibrations can affect accuracy and as well as calibration.

Venair is focused on supporting our customers by developing unique process solutions.  For example is a smooth bore transfer tube that functions as a large (3″) single use valve.  If you have a unique application please contact PharmAseptic for a consultation.

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