Magnetic Mixers


Aseptic Magnetic Coupled Mixers

High torque bottom-mounted magnetic mixers for volumes to 50,000 liters


The obvious advantage of the bottom-mounted magnetic mixers is the containment shell hermetically seals off the internal space of the vessel from the surrounding atmospheric environment maintaining the integrity of the mixing vessel.  Mechanical seals are not required.  The respective risks and disadvantages of mechanical seals (i.e., leakage, germination, maintenance effort) are eliminated.

Specific focus is placed on the cleanability and dry running capabilities of magnetic agitators – a necessity for sterile application.  A key design feature is the large gap between the containment shell and the magnet ring.  This reduces any shear forces in this area and helps greatly with cleaning.  Independent testing according to EHEDG guidelines guarantee that these agitators can be validated in the most demanding processes.  Various models of bottom-mounted or top-mounted magnetic agitators are available.

The design of the standard magnetically coupled mixer impeller, which is suitable for most applications, offers important advantages for our magnetic agitators:
Open, easy to clean design assures total cleanability in place by spray ball alone, as the hub and magnetic rotor are connected only by the impeller blades
Very large circular gap between containment shell and rotor offers maximum flow rate and low shear stress.

Careful attention to universally accepted CIP/SIP design standards, includes using beveled surfaces with no sharp angles and a high level of surface finish eliminates the potential for product residue by getting rid of dead legs, hidden areas, and cavities that are the source of down stream contamination.

Depending on model either “Diamond” coated Silicone Carbide or Ceramic slide bearing (Silicon-Carbide vs. Zirconium-Oxide) provide high stability, exceptional sliding properties in low volume situations, and
particle generation below detectable levels.

Ease of maintenance – replacing of the female ceramic bushing can be done by the user on site.

CFD investigated mixing results: Radially pumping, with liquid draw from the top. For effective blending, good heat transfer. Suitable for drawing in powdered solids.

Sizing to your process requirements (i.e., low shear stress or vigorous mixing).

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