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Sanitary Clamp Torque Tools

The PharmAseptic Universal sanitary clamp torque tools provide a means of consistently tightening hygienic clamps thereby improving the reliability of the connection and reducing ergonomic is-sues. A common issue with sanitary clamp connections is the reliance on “hand tightening” of wing nuts. Since hand tightening is not reproducible from person to person, it creates significant variability in connection performance. When not sufficiently tightened, connections are prone to leaks that compromise the integrity of process systems.

Over-tightened clamps are just as problematic since they often lead to excess intrusion of the gasket into the process. The gasket then serves as an entrapment area affecting every-thing from cleaning and drain-ability to product recovery. Furthermore, an intruded seal is significantly more suscepti-ble to erosion which can contaminate process streams. In highly regulated industry like Biopharmaceuticals, there just isn’t room for such variability and the myriad of resulting issues. Through the use a torque tool to standardize clamp tightness, one variable can be removed from the process.

Since typical facilities can have hundreds if not thousands of clamp connections, the possibility of repetitive stress issues associated with hand tightening should not be overlooked. The added leverage and shape of the PharmAseptic Universal Torque Tool allow for significant improvements to the ergonomics of clamp tightening. To further the ergonomic benefit, the tools lock in the reverse direction allowing their use in dis-assembly of clamps.

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