Piping Circuit Isolation for Critial Cleaning

PharmAseptic is the sole North American Distributor of the patented ASEPTLOOP® valve bypass devices from AseptConn AG.  The Aseptloop devices are the revolutionary solution for the critical cleaning challenges of today’s high purity piping.

The Aseptloop was engineered to allow a special connection into and out of a high purity piping systems – using existing weir style diaphragm valves.  This important feature prevents the addition of extra piping which creates dead-legs and hard to clean areas.  The Aseptloop device allows for isolation of piping circuits to allow for targeted critical cleaning, de-roughing and bio-film control.  The Aseptloop devices are available for all market leading weir style diaphragm valves including Gemu, SED, ITT and Saunders.  The size range covers 1/2″ through 3″ valves as standard.  Larger sizes are available on request.  Easy installation is guaranteed using the same standard threads as for the valve topworks.

Body is 316L.
Diaphragm EPDM (standard or FDA & USP-Class VI).
Hygenic Clamp (standard).
Customized Connection (According to customers request).
Application examples:
Cleaning of existing installations between 2 accurately defined points
Passivation of new installations or after repairs.
Cleaning of well defined tubing sections (rouging issues).
By-pass for pump – or instrumentation cleaning
By-pass for local defined maintanance
By-pass for instrument or flow meter calibration

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